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So the technology makes sense but how are you going to pay for it – capital expenditure or lease?

Corporate LED has teamed up with Halo Corporate Finance Ltd a leading provider of Leasing Finance.

So why lease?

Conserve Cash Reserves

– Rather than tying up cash in depreciating assets, leasing allows you to retain resources for other purposes.

Cash flow / Budget Outgoings

– Payments are fixed for the duration of the term so you can forecast your cash flow accordingly.
– You can choose the agreement duration depending on what suits your cash flow (subject to asset type and credit).
– Finance is secure for the term and cannot be recalled early like a bank overdraft.

Maintain Lines of Credit for Other Use

– By using leasing, and other sources of credit provided by our leasing provider, current banking facilities will not become over-stretched or reduced.

Tax Advantages

– One major advantage of leasing is that 100% of the rentals can be offset against Corporation Tax. This means that often leasing will work out more cost effective than paying cash, with the added benefits above.

Calculate your TCO savings

Why not enter your equipment requirements here and see how much you could save? This calculator will take into account both energy and lease costs. All finance is subject to status and prices are an illustration only - please contact us for a personalised quotation.

Upfront cost (£)
Old power consumption (W)
New power consumption (W)
Price per kWh (£)
Days in week lights in use
Hours in day lights in use

Cost over period

MonthUpfront Payment2 Year Lease3 Year LeaseKeep old equipment
Cost over 2 years        
Cost over 3 years        

By month

MonthUpfront Payment2 Year Lease3 Year LeaseKeep old equipment