Panel Edge-lit 1200x600 60W 4000k 5100lm
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Quick Overview

  • White light 4000K

  • 5100 Lumens. Instant on.

  • 85 Lumens per Watt. 110° beam angle

  • 3-year warranty

  • IP20

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Product Specification

Product Description

"This edge lit LED panel from the Integral-LED Performance Value+ range is designed to replace a standard 1200mm x 600mm fluorescent light fitting typically found in office suspended ceilings.
At just 10.5mm deep, this fitting will drop into a suspended ceiling even with the shallowest void above, or it can be used in conjunction with an Integral-LED surface mounted back box or recessed fitting.
LED panels provide the highest levels of light quality and uniformity contributing to a fresher ambience and greater feeling of wellbeing amongst employees leading to improved concentration and productivity.
They also use far less power to provide the same brightness as old fluorescent ceiling panels. Payback can be as little as two years for a typical office depending on how many hours each day the lights are used.
Designed to last 25,000 hours - that's nearly a decade at 10 hours/day - means an end to dead and flickering tubes requiring constant maintenance - an occasional dusting will suffice.
Quick-release power connectors are supplied with each unit so it can be connected easily to the existing wiring and switches. There is an emergency pack available separately which will enable the panel to stay illuminated for three hours in the event of a power failure."

Additional Specifications

Product Specification
3 Yrs
Power Consumption
60.0 Watts
Colour temperature
4000k White
Beam Angle
Emergency Pack
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Panel Edge-lit 1200x600 60W 4000k 5100lm
Panel Edge-lit 1200x600 60W 4000k 5100lm
Panel Edge-lit 1200x600 60W 4000k 5100lm
Panel Edge-lit 1200x600 60W 4000k 5100lm